“I created the SPICE UP model because all strategic models I’ve seen in my professional career and teaching practice seemed either too simple or too cumbersome.” – Jean-Pierre Baeyens

I started conceiving SPICE UP while teaching the art of positioning. Most theories were stating that positioning should focus one and only idea. It’s nice but unpractical. Most successful brands today position themselves around several ideas. These ideas should integrate in a whole: a SPICE UP concept !

Management models should not merely be tools ! To be powerful, they should reflect the values of their designers. Professional values should stand behind each model to make it really effective and users of the model should understand why and how.

“I’ve been practicing the YOLO (You Only Live Once) principle for years. Cuisine without spice is savorless. Life without spice is boring. Strategy without spice is insipid. Is that what we want ? My answer is NO !” – Jean-Pierre Baeyens

The SPICE UP model is based on 4 essential pillars, 4 principles that guided the doctrine of Professor Baeyens for years:


Intelligence does not cost money. So is ambition and excellence. It’s a state of mind. The willingness to be world class in all what you do. The obsession of quality in everything you undertake. The smartest way to design your operating systems. Flying high does not mean to be the best in class. It means changing the class you are in! Getting higher!


If you want to be seen in a crowd, you need to stand out. But it’s not enough. You need to be remembered. You need to arouse interest, curiosity and desire. Desire to know more, desire to interact, desire to go further. Brands, organizations, people… should shine! It can be external, it can be internal, but there should be something called charisma.


Shaking up the established order was some kind of sport practiced by rebels. Now, it’s just a permanent need. There are many ways to challenge the status quo. It can be in strategy, in operation, with people or with robots… Each disruption leads to a new order that should be shaken up again. SPICE UP is based on the idea that you should permanently question the past to create the future!


The time of selling  anything to anybody at any price is over! The ideology putting forward material possession does not bring happiness. Millennials show the way by promoting new ways to live, to buy and to use… favoring balance and moderation as well as pleasure and dream. SPICE UP is not a new tool to sell better. It’s a new concept to share smarter!

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