A whole new model for marketing strategists and progressive leaders
Designed by Professor Jean-Pierre Baeyens

Discover SPICE UP here! Understand its principles and why it will lead you to success.
Learn to upgrade your strategic positioning and make your brand and corporate name shine around
while staying true to yourself.

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SPICE UP is a new model related to strategic thinking. Use it as a tool to strengthen your strategy and stand out from the crowd in our ever-changing business environment.

Is your strategic posture intelligent enough to go through our turbulent times?

Is your strategy robust enough to sustain a high intensity of competition and powerful enough to satisfy extremely demanding customers and business partners?

Is your strategic positioning exciting enough to make your brand and corporate name shine around?

Discover SPICE UP and learn what it takes to be different while being yourself.

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“Inspiring is my motto. I take the time to watch, hear and digest new trends. I give back through inspiration meetings, inspiration speeches, inspiration papers and videos. “ – Jean-Pierre Baeyens

Take part in a SPICE UP masterclass, inspiration speech, or online lecture to shake up your mind and start flying higher!


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Let’s flavor our strategies!

Work directly under the direction of Prof Baeyens to understand the true nature of your strategic challenges and find out new solutions to SPICE UP your strategy.


Go out with your own action plan!