“Over the years, I helped a number of leaders to SPICE UP their strategies. My interactions with the field allowed me to build the powerful and practical SPICE UP approach and apply it with my mentorees.” – Jean-Pierre Baeyens

Millennials are good entrepreneurs. They move fast, they’re born with technology and they generally  work like crazy. But… they lack the time to think, reflect and strategize ! A mentor can listen, reflect, advise without judging. It helps think clearer and make wiser decisions. This is what Prof Baeyens is doing. Over six to eight 3-hour sessions, you will interact your mentor, understand the true nature of your strategic challenges and work on the solutions.


“Jean-Pierre has been instrumental when our company was at a crossroad. He not only brought his extensive experience in strategic marketing and companies management. He also brought his independent view on the model and assisted us to take the right decisions at the right time. “ – Marc Lefèvre, Docunify, client mentoring, August 2018