Once a year a group of mentorees will travel together to an inspiring place far away from their day to day setting. They will reflect together on their own strategic issues. They will interact with local leaders and entrepreneurs who stand out from the crowd. They will also write their own discovery journal. The group will be small, less than 10, and will be guided by Prof Baeyens and his team.

Objectives : shake our minds, share our visions, SPICE UP our styles !

Next SPICE UP journey: California 2019!


“Jean-Pierre opened my eyes on the importance of putting the client in the center of our core business. This is key to respond to his needs. He also allowed me to understand some marketing concepts, illustrating them with examples of « best in class » companies and looking at it from a broader perspective. It is a real pleasure to work with him because on top of that, he has great values and a great deal of common sense.” – Jean-Nicolas D’Hondt, CEO, Pollet SA, client mentoring, 2018